Putting Bristol on the re’MAP!

Custom Maps.

Custom maps created for your particular vehicle’s map on the spot, we never use generic maps that are made by someone across the globe. Bristol Maps for Bristol Weather and Roads.

ECO or Performance

What ever you wish to achieve from your vehicle whether it be more economical fuel bills to pushing the power. We make it happen.

Stage 1, 2 or 3

We can get the most out of your modifications such as bigger/hybrid turbo, intake/exhaust upgrades and more.


Want launch control? Loud pops and bangs when you let off? We can add rev limiter, hard cut also known as popcorn limit and other extras to make your car really stand out from the rest.

Full Diagnostics Tools

New EML warning light appeared? We can fault read your vehicle, seeing a lot more information than just the standard OBD info. Vehicle specific information such as VAGCOM and OP-COM available. Can also help with hot starting problems too.

ad Blue Delete

Tired of filling up the ad blue or getting the dreaded no vehicle start, maybe you want to just avoid system issues in the future, we can sort this for you.

Bristol on the re’MAP

Fully insured and certified. We love our vehicles and we’ll take care of yours, before we map your vehicle we will check it for faults, ask you how long ago you serviced the vehicle and if the timing belt has been changed. We make sure it is safe ensuring it can handle the extra power you’ll gain from the map.